2013-07-15 Event Album---Tree Top x California Fitness Healthy Summer
2013-07-03 Event Album---DIMES Travel Cash Coupon Lucky Draw
2013-06-25 Event Album---"DCH Motor Day" Credit Card Spending Lucky Draw Result
2013-06-18 Event Album---DCH Motor Day
2013-06-10 Event Album---Sims Trading Company Ltd. was awarded the “Caring Company logo” for the fourth consecutive year
2013-05-17 Event Album---Barilla “Create Your Daily Love Story” recipe competition
2013-05-08 New Flavor---Mr. Brown Coffee – New Product Launch:Caffe Latte
2013-04-24 Event Album---Brand’s Bird’s Nest A Diamond-Grade Gift for Your Mom’s Health & Beauty
2013-04-02 Event Album---Happy Easter Offer
2013-03-22 Event Album--Drink Ovaltine to win limited edition Ah Lei Octopus

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